Hair Plugs, Good Idea or Waste of Money?

From 1950 to the early 1980s, the only procedure available for hair restoration was a technique called Standard Punch Grafting. Punch grafting, aka hair plugs, is a method in which a 4 mm punch was used to remove a cylinder of hair-bearing skin containing 10 to 40 hairs from the donor area. Then, those “punches” were placed in a slightly smaller punched out cylinder in the recipient bed. The result is a “pluggy” look, hence the name “hair plugs”. It bears a striking resemblance to a kewpie doll.

Another drawback is that the donor area in the back of the head was often left heavily scarred in the pattern of an old-school Connect Four game.

Unfortunately, the only real way to get rid of doll-head was to have multiple procedures, to try and fill in the blanks where there were no plugs. However this led to more scarring in the donor area, more pain, and an overall unnatural look on the recipient’s scalp.

With so many cons, and a pro that was only a small step up from the original look led to the punch technique going the way of the Dodo.